JWJ Jeanette Watts Jewellery

Jeanette Watts Jewellery

“My dream has always been to create a treasure trove of stylish artisan jewellery. Fusing boho luxe, ethnic style and Ibiza chic, my wish is to create the ideal pieces to embellish your outfits and elevate your state of feeling beautiful. With the fresh sea breeze in your hair, the sun on your face and a cocktail in your hand, these unique pieces of jewellery will accompany you on your journey along white sandy beaches, long lazy lunches at ultra cool beach restaurants and shimmer into after hours while you dance until dawn”



Gemstones assist you in spiritual, emotional and physical healing if you embrace their natural power. Each gemstone stimulates a specific energy pattern which can intensify and balance your life. Savour its beauty, its colour and shape, while also appreciating its positive holistic value. 

AGATE - Protection, strength, harmony.

BLACK ONYX - Self control, decision making, intuition.

WHITE HOWLITE - Awareness, brings wisdom and calm.

BROWN TIGER EYE - Protection, willpower, self-cofidence, luck.

LARIMAR - Aids communication, relieves stress, heals unsolved issues and fears.

AMAZONITE - Truth, hope, trust, communication.

LANDSCAPE JASPER - Reflection, stability, security.

TURQUOISE - Wealth, protection, symbol of friendship.

AMETHYST - Aids insomnia, relieves headaches, protects against negative energy.

PINK QUARTZ - Love; self-love, romantic love, familly love.

HEMATITE - Focus, concentration, confidence.

LABORADORITE - Good fortune, health, boosts mental clarity.