JWJ Jeanette Watts Jewellery

Jeanette Watts Jewellery

“My dream has always been to create a treasure trove of stylish artisan jewellery. Fusing boho luxe, ethnic style and Ibiza chic, my wish is to create the ideal pieces to embellish your outfits and elevate your state of feeling beautiful. With the fresh sea breeze in your hair, the sun on your face and a cocktail in your hand, these unique pieces of jewellery will accompany you on your journey along white sandy beaches, long lazy lunches at ultra cool beach restaurants and shimmer into after hours while you dance until dawn”


Summer work studio in Ibiza

Summer work studio in Ibiza


The philosophy is to maintain a small scale production, emphasizing on limited editions plus one-off pieces and bespoke jewellery. The pendants used when creating the necklaces are sourced during travelling around the world while visiting markets and antique shops. These unique finds are then combined with gemstones and other carefully chosen details. Colour and shape play an important role when creating the final result. All jewellery is handmade and no two pieces are ever exactly alike. 

"During my creative journey I asked myself, why limit yourself to one act?" Hence The Evening Jewellery Collection was born as a celebration of feminine individuality and a seemingly effortless expression of subtle luxury. 

Patience, passion and temptation carve the road to presenting the ultimate piece of statement jewellery. 


Swedish born Jeanette Watts, who since 1997 is located in Barcelona and Ibiza, finds no lack of inspiration living by the Mediterranean Sea. Barcelona’s flamboyant art nouveau architecture and the stunning scenery around her second home on Ibiza are an infinite source of guidance as she creates her jewellery. The diversity of people who come from a myriad of different backgrounds and who harbour a thousand different dreams, also contribute to making Barcelona and Ibiza such special places to work and live. After finalizing studies in gemmology and jewellery making techniques, Jeanette launches her own brand and thereby embarks on a passionate journey which hopefully will continue a lifetime. 


Custom Orders

“I am more than happy to create a specific piece of jewellery, keeping in mind the client’s lifestyle and taste. An original piece of jewellery that has been custom made is a wonderful gift to yourself or for someone you keep close to your heart. It can also be the perfect wedding gift; similar and spiritually connecting necklaces for the bride and the groom. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your ideas and see what I could design for you.”